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Mary Butler, Webinar Wednesday

Webinar Wednesday
Mary Butler will look at how evaluation and anthropology can be mapped onto each other to create Evaluation Anthropology. March 4, 2-3 pm.
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Breaking News
AAA adds its voice on the cultural destruction in Iraq.
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AAA Summer Internship Program
AAA is pleased to offer two internship opportunities funded by member donations for the summer of 2015. Applications and letter of recommendation due March 15.
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Terms of Climate Debate
Judi Pajo (Association for the Anthropology of Policy) interviews Shirley Fiske, chair of the AAA Global Climate Change Task Force.
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2015 Annual Meeting Call for Papers
Want to be part of the 2015 AAA Annual Meeting program in Denver? Submit your abstract by April 15.
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AAA Leadership Fellows Program
AAA Leadership Mentoring Award Program applications are now being accepted. The deadline for receipt of materials is March 15, 2015. Apply today!
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18 hours ago
The AAA office is closed today due to weather conditions.
1 day ago
#anthropologists making news - Global Climate Change Taskforce: http://t.co/6Oa3A3fzkn

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