Annual Meeting Resolution Ballot-Honduras

debra_martin_smallDear Members,

As we transition to on-line voting for everything from candidacies for various positions to resolutions, we are guided by a desire to provide a more transparent and democratic process.  So with this in mind, when resolutions are submitted prior to the business meeting, and then adopted at the business meeting that has a quorum, they will then be sent to the membership in the form of an electronic ballot. This will occur soon after the annual meetings and we will not have to wait until the full spring ballot, as we have customarily done in the past. 

The ballot with the resolution on the political situation in Honduras, being brought to you for a vote, is the first under this new system.  This resolution is particularly controversial, and we posted it on the AAA Blog to let people discuss the pros and cons for one month. Over the course of  the month a tremendous amount of information has been posted that we hope will assist you in making an informed opinion on the matter.

An email has been sent to you with voting instructions. If you have not received this email, and your AAA membership is current, please contact Kim Baker at elections@aaanet.org

To read the resolution along with the pro and con statements from AAA members and user comments, visit the AAA Blog: blog.aaanet.org. Included in the Blog postings is an open letter read from the floor of the business meeting. Finally, the Blog will be available for reading prior to voting, but there will be no new postings now that the voting has begun. 


Debra Martin
AAA Secretary, Chair of the Nominations Committee