Spring Election 2009 Voting Ends Friday May 29th

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Dan SegalA Message From Dan Segal, AAA Secretary:

This year, as was the case last year, the AAA and AAA Section ballots are on-line.  To access these ballots, you can click on the login and vote button above. The procedures are described below and are the same as they were last year.


Once you have opened the AAA ballot website, you will need to login by using your username and password.  These were sent to each AAA member by email.  In case you do not have that email, please note that the username is your full email address that is on file with the AAA and the password is your AAA membership ID number, which is the first 8 digits of the numbers on the back of your copy of the AN. Remember only members whose membership are current as of March 31st may vote.


Please also note that all ballots must be cast by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on May 29th. 

After you have logged in, you will see a list of ballots, starting with the AAA ballot, and followed by the ballots for each Section that you belong to that is holding an election at this time (the following Sections are NOT holding elections now: AIA & ABA.)

Please note that information about each candidate and each ballot initiative is available through links on the online ballots.


Please also note that it is possible to look at the ballots and then exit and return and vote later, and it is also possible to cast your votes on one ballot (say, the AAA ballot) and come back later to vote on other ballots (the ballots of the Sections you belong to, for instance). However, in each case, once you have cast a specific ballot, you cannot return and change any of your votes on that specific ballot.
Should you have any questions, please email Kim Baker (AAA's Governance Associate) at Elections@aaanet.org. Kim will insure that you get the assistance you need, from the appropriate AAA staff, as promptly as possible.
As we all know, the technology is no more than a means to an end: the important thing here is voting.

Voting Help

Email Address: elections@aaanet.org

Kim Baker, 703-528-1902, x-1170

Voting Ends at 5:00 PM ET, May 29th, 2009

Paper Voting Information:
If you need to request a paper copy of your online ballot, please contact Kim Baker at elections@aaanet.org.

To View All Candidates:
If you would like to view the candidates as they appear on the ballot please go to the following page:
Note this is for reference only, you cannot use these forms to vote.