Call for Nominations for AAA Positions

Buckner-Nom_180wShadow-nCaptionEach year, one third of the AAA Executive Board is renewed.This year, the AAA Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for 20 leadership positions that will be filled in the 2014 elections. For a complete list of the open positions,  for a description of positions, . All nominations must be completed by October 7, 2013.NOMINATIONS NOW CLOSED

AAA members nominate themselves via an electronic form ;you must also submit a CV (5 pages maximum) tailored to the position you're considering, and names and email addresses for two people who will support your nomination. You are welcome to run for several positions, but must rank your preference for each.

There is also a "back-door" method: if you would like to nominate someone who is too shy to nominate him or herself, you can submit a letter of support for them. They will receive an email saying they have received a letter of support (i.e., been nominated) and asking them to go online to complete the nomination process.

The Nominations Committee will meet in November and, after much deliberation, recommend a slate of candidates to the AAA Executive Board, two candidates for each position. The aim of the committee is to propose viable candidates who represent various subfields, backgrounds, minorities, generations, and kinds of anthropologists. The Executive Board will then meet to make the final decisions on candidates. Nominees selected as candidates will be asked to provide a short biography, a platform statement, and a photo for the ballot.

In order for the Executive Board to represent the AAA membership, we need people of all levels, specialties, and backgrounds to run for office. All you need is an interest in the activities and future of the AAA, and a willingness to work for the good of its members. Being part of the Executive Board gives you the opportunity to "walk the talk", to not just voice opinions and concerns but to act on them. You will be able to impact policy and practices, not just within AAA, but, via AAA, on the country and the world.

If you're willing to share your expertise and your energy, please nominate yourself. If you know someone who you think would make a good board member, please urge him or her to self-nominate, or write a letter of support, which has the same effect as a nomination.

If you have questions or need assistance with the nominations process, please contact Kim Baker (elections@aaanet.org), the AAA staff member who supports the Nominations Committee.

Margie Buckner

AAA Secretary and Chair, Nominations Committee