Call for Nominations for AAA Positions


The year, the AAA Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for five leadership positions for the 2016 elections:

·Executive Board Minority seat

·Executive Board Practicing/Professional seat

·Nominations Committee Archaeology seat

·Nominations Committee Cultural seat

·Nominations Committee Undesignated seat 1

The number of positions to be filled this year is unusually small, for two reasons:

First, at their May 2015 meeting, the Executive Board voted to embark on a process to restructure the AAA "programmatic" committees, i.e., those that address issues and outreach, including Committee for Human Rights, Committee on Ethics, Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology, Committee on Labor Relations, Committee on Minority Issues in Anthropology, Committee on Practicing Applied and Public Interest Anthropology, Committee on Public Policy, and Committee on World Anthropologies. Representatives of the eight programmatic committees, along with a few EB members and staff, are currently discussing options for reorganization and are working on a calendar for implementing the new committee structure.Since the committees will be changing, we will not be electing any new committee members for the time being. 

Second, in last year's elections, members approved a bylaws change to replace one of the Undesignated EB seats with a representative chosen by the Section Assembly.  So the open Undesignated EB seat will not be filled in the upcoming AAA-wide election.

President Monica Heller has written an Anthropology News column about these changes that will appear in the September issue.

The deadline will be October 7.

Nominations Process

AAA members nominate themselves via an electronic form; you must also submit a CV (5 pages maximum) tailored to the position you're considering, and names and email addresses for two people who will support your nomination. You are welcome to run for several positions, but must rank your preference for each. Following these hints will increase your chances of being selected.

If you would like to nominate someone who is reluctant to nominate him- or herself, you can submit a letter of support for them. They will receive an email saying they have received a letter of support (i.e., been nominated) and asking them to go online to complete the nomination process.

The Nominations Committee will meet during the annual fall AAA meeting and, from the pool of nominees, recommend a slate of candidates, two candidates for each position. The Executive Board will then meet to make the final decision on the slate. Nominees selected as candidates will be asked to provide a short biography, a platform statement, and a photo for the ballot.

If you have questions or need assistance with the nominations process, please contact Kim Baker (elections@aaanet.org), the AAA staff member who supports the Nominations Committee.

Margie Buckner

AAA Secretary and Chair, Nominations Committee