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AAA Leadership Fellows Program

The AAA Leadership Fellows Program provides a unique opportunity for anthropologists early in their careers to learn about leadership opportunities within the association.  Each year a group of three to five fellows will be paired with a mentor chosen from among AAA leadership.  Mentors are available to fellows throughout the year to answer questions related to AAA.  Fellows shadow their mentors at the AAA Annual Meeting in meetings of the Executive Board, Association Committees, and Section Committees. In addition, fellows are invited to attend the AAA Donors Reception and a Leadership Fellows Social bringing together past and present cohorts of fellows. 

What do past Fellows say about their experience in the program?

It was empowering to attend sessions with the executive board because it demystified the decision-making processes that shape my experiences as a member of the AAA.  As a junior scholar it can be intimidating to even consider nominating oneself for a leadership position; however, now having met members of the executive board and finding them so welcoming, I am strongly considering running for a position.  I also appreciated the opportunity to take what I learned about how the Association works back to my own students.  The particular group of students I worked with last semester were very concerned with activism and policy change, so I was thrilled to let them know that members of the executive board are actively working to improve the visibility of our discipline.  

I also appreciated the opportunity to meet former fellows at the cocktail reception.  As a visiting assistant professor who is currently on the job market, it was valuable to discuss career trajectories with former fellows who had recently been in my shoes.  The idea of “networking” is not one I find particularly appealing, so I appreciated that the fellowship program created a space in which this could happen (almost) naturally.  The advice former fellows gave me about being more strategic at conferences, developing research collaborations, and carving out a niche within my area of specialization will be extremely useful at this stage in my career. - Lauren Miller Griffith, 2013 Leadership Fellow

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Applicants should have completed their PhD within at least three and no more than five years ago. Those with an MA/MSc should have completed their MA/MSc within at least three and no more than five years ago and should have a strong presence in the discipline at the time the application is submitted. 

Those with an MA/MSc and work experience who are currently enrolled in a PhD program are not eligible to apply because they are still working toward their terminal degree. 

Submission Process and Deadline

The online application is open in early March. Applications must be submitted by April 6. Awardees are notified in May and announced in Anthropology News. Fellows are required to attend the AAA Annual Meeting of their award year. As a result, Fellows receive up to $500 reimbursement for costs of travel. 

 Application Materials

CLICK HERE to apply online for the 2015 Leadership Fellows Program.

Contact Information
    Name, email, phone number, and postal address

Membership Information
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    8-digit AAA Membership Number
    Member Since Date (00/00/00)

Background Information
    Graduate institution
    Month and year of degree
    Current institution/organizational affiliation

Written Materials
    Statement describing your interest in the program, research interests, and professional experience (2-page maximum)
    Curriculum vitae (3-page maximum)

Written materials should be combined and submitted as a single document, PDF preferred.

Questions regarding the program should be addressed to Katie Vizenor (