Committee for Human Rights

How the Committee Deals with Human Rights Cases

While the Committee retains flexibility in how it responds to specific human rights cases, the following steps are likely in the usual case:

  1. A proposal to take up a specific case is considered by the Committee. If approved,
  2. An investigative report ("briefing document") is developed, drawing on consultations with colleagues who are familiar with the specifics of the case.
  3. A plan for an appropriate AAA response is developed. Where appropriate, a letter of protest, list of addressees, links to other associations and organizations, and other actions may be included.
  4. These materials are conveyed to the AAA executive director, who may append comments and send the proposal to the AAA president for approval and action in the name of the AAA.
  5. Once approved, the Committee may assist in the dissemination of the report and AAA letters, in their conveyance to appropriate colleagues and networks, and, where relevant, to oversee anthropological colleagues and associations.
  6. Where circumstances warrant Committee may issue a later update of its first briefing document and proposed additional AAA actions.
  7. Report of the action is made to the membership in the Committee's annual session at the annual meeting. It is hoped that the AAA web site can be an additional locus where information regarding these cases is accessible.

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