CEAUSSIC Launches Blog Series

The AAA’s Ad Hoc Commission on Anthropology’s Engagement with the Security and Intelligence Communities (CEAUSSIC) continues its work. Its main activities at present include:

  1. The writing of a report to the AAA on the widely and hotly debated Human Terrain System of the U.S. Army (by the fall);
  2. The editing of a casebook illustrating the diversity of kinds of practicing anthropology, including associated ethical questions, with a primary emphasis upon the security sector broadly conceived;
  3. And providing support for the AAA’s ongoing ethics process.

In an effort to keep our work transparent and part of the public and disciplinary discussion of all of the above, CEAUSSIC is also going to be contributing a monthly entry to the AAA’s blog. Each entry, by different CEAUSSIC members, will address topics that have arisen or that we have been thinking about, which we will continue to discuss via the blog, a discussion in which we hope you will also participate.

This month's post, available on the AAA blog, is "Anthropologists and Analysts" by CEAUSSIC Chair Robert Albro.  You can also download a copy of Dr. Albro's post here (pdf).