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Ancient History
Mineral Studies


Ancient History Classroom Resources

  • The Duke Papyrus Archive
    This Duke University site provides electronic access to texts about and images of 1,373 papyri from ancient Egypt.

  • The Perseus Project
    This digital library of resources for studying the ancient world includes ancient texts and translations, philological tools, maps, art catalogs, and essays.

  • The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
    This site contains pictures, descriptions, maps, FAQs, annotated links, and other details for the "Seven Wonders."

Ancient History Museums and Exhibits

  • Greek World Virtual Exhibit
    The Greek World Virtual Exhibit allows users to tour this museum exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania. The exhibit is organized by topics relating to ancient Greece such as daily life, economy, religion, and death.

  • Scrolls from the Dead Sea: The Ancient Library of Qumram and Modern Scholarship
    This on-line exhibit is based on an actual exhibit at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. The web page provides extensive information from the exhibit as well as other resource listings for researchers and for educators.


General Resources

  • Partnering Dance and Education: Intelligent Movements for Changing Times
    Available from
    by Judith Lynne Hanna. Written by an anthropologist, this book presents an argument for making dance central to every student’s education. Appropriate for K-12 teachers as well as other audiences interested in dance.


Geology Classroom Resources

  • Ask-A-Geologist
    Sponsored by the US Geological Survey, this web site provides a forum to ask a geologist any question concerning the earth or geology.

  • Central Montana Geology
    Central Montana contains a "showcase" of geologic features, some of which are "world-class" in character. This site is based on a series of seven geology field trips/workshops in the spring and summer of 1999 covering many of these geologic features. The workshops were specifically designed for teachers and the general public to help them identify major geologic features in the area and to understand the plate tectonic motions that caused them.

  • The Geology of Virginia
    This web site, sponsored by The College of William and Mary, describes with text and graphics the history and geology of Virginia.

  • Geologylink
    Sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Company, this web site provides a forum for the discussion and exploration of geology. The web site includes "virtual field trips" and a "virtual classroom" for children and educators.

  • NASA Inspire Program
    This is a special project within NASA to inspire interest in earth sciences, especially geology, among high school students. The site provides a number of different forums for discussion, and exploration for high school students.

  • Time Periods
    This web page of the University of California, Berkeley contains many resources and information about the geological time period, with graphics, maps, and timelines.


Mineral Studies Classroom Resources

  • Minerals, Crystals and Gems: Stepping Stones to Inquiry
    Sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution's "Smithsonian in Your Classroom" program, the goal of this curriculum is to "introduce students to the basics of mineral science, but also to teach the scientific process, by instructing students how to observe, form hypotheses, and draw conclusions."

  • The Nature of Diamonds
    This on-line exhibit of the American Museum of Natural History in New York provides detailed information about diamonds and other gems in both textual and graphic format. Also includes educational resources and fun activities for kids.


Geography Classroom Resources

  • Geo-Globe
    The Geo-Globe web site was developed by ThinkQuest with the assistance of students and educators. The web site includes six geography-based, interactive, on-line games for students to play. In the game "Geo Tour," students read a clue that defines and describes a geographic landmark, which they then must locate by navigating on a map. Each answer is scored.

  • GeoGame
    This on-line resource for K-12 educators includes GeoGame, a great tool for teaching children world geography. The site contains many other on-line educational resources for educators and self-guided activities for children including map engines to map different geographic locations, language translators for almost all the world's languages, time zone convertors, and curriculum builders.

  • On-Line Expeditions Around the World
    This excellent classroom resource follows explorers and expeditions around the world.

  • The New York Times Learning Network Teacher Connections
    The New York Times sponsors a web site for educators and parents that addresses a variety of educational topics. The web site includes daily and archived lesson plans, student help sections and quizzes, newspaper resources, and many other resources that can all be broken down and searched by topic. Geography is one of the many topics addressed and includes such topics as the structure and importance of caves, world climate concerns, changes in the Arctic ice cover, and the importance of diamonds.

  • The Temperate Rainforest of the Pacific Northwest
    This site contains geographic information and lesson plans about the rainforest in the Pacific Northwest.

  • World Geography Lesson Plans
    This web site provides on-line lesson plans, activities, and testing resources on many geography topics including map and flag skills, continents and landforms, world climate, and the principles of geography. The site contains many links to other Internet geography resources.

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