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CWA Anthropology News Columns

May/June 2015: Decolonial Feminisms and World Anthropologies: Diverse Perspectives at the AAA Annual Meeting (PDF)

November/ December 2014: Internationalizing the AAA Annual Meeting, Bela Feldman-Bianco  and Carla Guerron Monteron (PDF

July/August 2014: Toward Transnational Collaborations in World Anthropologies, Carla Guerron Monteron and Bela Feldman-Blanco (PDF)

May/June 2014: The Challenges for Applied Anthropology in Europe,  Dan Podied and Meta Forup (PDF)

March/April 2014:World Anthropologies and Transnational Collaborations, Bela Feldman-Blanco, Monical Heller and Susana Narotzky (PDF)

November/December 2013: Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil, Joao Pacheco De Olyyeira (PDF)

September/October 2013: 
Fostering Global International Dialogues, Bela Feldman-Bianco and Carla Guerrón Montero (PDF)

July/August 2013: Evolving Humanity, Emerging Worlds: The 17th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, John Gledhill (PDF  

May/June 2013: Against Hierarchies of Anthropologies: World Council of Anthropological Associations, Michal Buchowski (PDF

March/April 2013: Committee on World Anthropologies Highlights International Collaborations and Global Critical Dialogues, Bela Feldman-Bianco and Carla Guerrón Montero (PDF 

November 2012: World Anthropologies Past and Future, Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Setha Low (PDF)

October 2012: Anthropologists Everywhere: Getting to Know Your Colleagues, Ulf Hannerz (PDF)    

March 2012: Symmetrical Dialogues and Dialogical Partnerships, Luís R. Cardoso de Oliveira (PDF)  

February 2012: Revitalising the IUAES, Junji Koizumi and Andrew Spiegel (PDF) 

January 2012: Conversations about World Anthropologies: Ten Years Later, Eduardo Restrepo (PDF)

December 2011: Revisiting the World Anthropologies Network Project, Shiv Visvanathan (PDF)

October 2011: New Hegemonic Tendencies in the Construction of Knowledge: Research Quality Evaluation and Centralization, Thomas Reuter (PDF)

September 2011: Reaching a Global Readership from the Margin, Takami Kuwayama (PDF)

May 2011: Programmatic Tasks of the Committee on World Anthropologies, Setha Low and Gustabo Lins Riberio (PDF)

February 2011: Chilean Congress of Social Anthropology, June Nash (PDF)

January 2011: Perspective from South Africa, David B. Coplan (PDF)

May 2010: Engaging a Plurilingual Scientific Community: Multiple Languages for International Academic Publications (PDF/full-length report)

March 2010: Research Beyond the Frontier: Expanding the Boundaries of Mexican Anthropology (PDF)

February 2010: Anthropology's Post-National Spaces: CWA in Philadelphia (PDF)

January 2010: Feminist Anthropology in Mexico: The Political-Intellectual Trajectory of Mercedes Olivera Bustamante (PDF)

December 2009: Global Knowledge Flows: Participating in International Meetings (PDF)

November 2009: Re-Writing Culture in Chinese: Report from the 2009 IUAES Meeting in Kunming (PDF/full-length draft report)

October 2009: Anthropological Scholarship in Spanish and Portuguese (PDF)

September 2009: Global Anthropological Scholarship: Reading Other People's Anthropologies (PDF)

May 2009: International Voices in the Field (PDF)
March 2009: Promoting Anthropological Knowledge from the Global South (PDF)

February 2009: Introducing CWA in San Francisco (PDF)

January 2009: Educational Anthropologies in Korea and the UK (PDF)

December 2008: Dialogue and Engagement: Reflections on an Advanced Anthropology Training Camp in Taiwan (PDF/full-length draft report)

November 2008: Anthropology across Borders: EASA 2008 (PDF)

October 2008: Congreso Latinoamericano de Antropologia: Gestando un Nuevo Futuro (PDF)

May 2008: Toward a Global Community of Anthropologists (PDF)

April 2008: Emerging from Shadows of Colonialism: Anthropology as a Collaborative Project in Post-Colonial Africa (PDF)

March 2008: New Commission on World Anthropologies (PDF)


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