Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

Committee Charge

The Committee on Ethics is a standing committee of the Association, which is responsible for the design and implementation of the Association's ethics education and advisory program. The objectives of the ethics education program are:

  • To increase the number of candidates for all degrees in anthropology receiving training in ethics before graduating;
  • To provide ongoing education in ethical issues for all AAA members;
  • To provide advice to AAA members facing/raising ethical dilemmas; and
  • To provide guidance to the Executive Board about AAA codes and guidelines.

Duration of Committee: Permanent

Term of Office: 3-year term

Committee Reports to: The Executive Board


  • To work with the Executive Board Long-Range Planning Committee and others, formulate visions and goals for the AAA ethics education and advisory program, consistent with the association's long-range goals
  • To continually assess members' ethics education needs and interests
  • To provide advice to AAA members who are facing/raising ethical dilemmas
  • To assess progress toward attaining ethics education program vision and goals
  • To develop policy recommendations for the ethics education program
  • Work with the Ethics contributing editor of Anthropology News to develop ideas for the Ethics column and materials for the AAA Ethics Page on the website
  • To sponsor an ethics-related session at the AAA Annual Meeting
  • To provide guidance to the Executive Board about AAA codes and guidelines

Membership and Appointment: 

  • 9 member committee including the Chair 
  • 7 Committee members are elected at-large with designated seats for: 
    • Practicing/Applied anthropology 
    • Linguistic anthropology 
    • Archaeology 
    • Biological anthropology 
    • 3 undesignated seats 
  • 2 members are appointed by the AAA President 
  • The Committee members select a Chair from among its members. 
  • President and President-elect/Vice President serve ex-officio 

Product: Recommendations and written reports to the Executive Board 

Meetings and Schedule: The COE meets annually at the AAA annual meeting and by email and conference calls if needed.

Staff Liaison and Contact Information: Amy Goldenberg, Anthropology News Managing Editor, American Anthropological Association, 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 1301, Arlington, VA 22201, 703/528-1902 ext. 1184, fax 703/528-3546,

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