Squeaky Wheel Award Recipients

1998 - Louise Lamphere

(from AN March1999)

Lamphere Earns Squeaky Wheel Award

The Squeaky Wheel Award is presented by the Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology (COSWA) to recognize individuals who have demonstrated the courage to bring to light and investigate practices in anthropology that are potentially discriminatory to women or have acted to improve the status of women in anthropology through activities that raise awareness of women's contribution to anthropology or identify barriers to full participation by women in anthropology.

This year the Squeaky Wheel Award was presented to Louise Lamphere (U New Mexico) for her lifelong work for the equality of women in anthropology. Lamphere was the co-editor, with Michele Zimbalist Rosaldo, of Women, Culture, and Society the first volume to address the anthropological study of gender and women's status. In the 1970s, after being denied tenure at Brown U, Lamphere brought a class action suit against Brown. She won an out-of-court settlement that served as a model for future suits by others. Roger Sanjek, in his review of the history of the AA's resolution on the employment of women, cites her tenure suit as one of the key events that clarified issues in the employment of women in anthropology and led to the resolution. Her nominator for this award notes that her actions were "extraordinary time-consuming and personally costly for her... and as such, it represents a great personal sacrifice in the interests of improving employment conditions for women in our field." Lamphere's suit has been immortalized in drama. Lamphere has continued to be a leader in advocacy for women in anthropology. She has taken a number of opportunities to highlight the contribution of women to anthropology, including her 1989 Distinguished Lecture for the American Ethnological Associate reviewing the legacy of Elsie Clews Parson. Now that Louise Lamphere is a big wheel in the AAA we expect she will continue to squeak for equal opportunities for women in anthropology.

Nominations are now being solicited for the 1999 Squeaky Wheel Award. A nominee may be from the field of anthropology or outside it. Any one may submit nominations. Nominations should include the name, affiliation and title of the individual being nominated and a one or two paragraph description of the reason for the nomination and the nature of the person's contribution to the improvement of the status of women in anthropology. The nomination should also include the name, address, phone number, and e-mail address of the nominator. Nominators may be contacted for additional material concerning finalists. Nomination should be sent by September 1, 1998 by mail or e-mail to: Kathleen DeWalt, Department of Anthropology, 3H01 Forbes Quadrangle, U of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260; 412/648-7551, kmdewalt+@pitt.edu.

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