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Field School Announcement
Forensic anthropology and Human Rights: uncovering Somaliland's troubled past
Sponsor: EPAF
Contact Information
Cristian Silva
Prior to arrival to Hargeisa participants will receive a reading package on the culture and politics and recent history of Somaliland, as well as the legacy of human rights violations in the country. In addition during the first day students will receive an introductory lecture on the various aspects to be considered in a forensic intervention of this nature. The first group shall be deployed to the exhumation site while the second group will start the examination of remains already exhumed at the morgue. In the field participants will be guided through the exhumation process from mass graves selected by the War Crimes Investigation Commission of Somaliland, including (but not limited) to surveying, mapping, collection of surface evidence and exhumation procedures. In the morgue participants will be exposed to the examination of remains and associated artefacts recovered during the exhumation process as well as prepare chain of custody forms, clean recovered remains and associated artefacts and storage. They will be guided through the process of aging, sexing, calculate stature, biological affinity and trauma. In addition they will examine clothing and related artefacts and prepare individual reports.
Keywords: Forensic anthropology | forensic archaeology | Human Rights
This announcement will be displayed until: 12/28/2012
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