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Field School Announcement
Summer Field School in French Polynesia
Sponsor: Andover Foundation for Archaeological Research
Contact Information
Barry Rolett
Verdant forest, rugged peaks, and turqoise seas. The Marquesas are one of the best known yet least visited archipelagoes in the South Pacific. The Polynesian discovery and settlement of these stunningly beautiful islands some 1000 years ago represents one of humanity’s momentous achievements. By the time Captain Cook reached these shores, Marquesan chiefdoms were distinguished by their monumental architecture, elaborate art, and a religious system in which important ceremonies demanded human sacrifices. Our project charts the efflorescence of this unique culture. Now in its eighth year, the project focuses on Tahuata, one of the most traditional islands in the group. Here, in the neighboring valleys of Vaitahu and Hanamiai, beautifully intact remains of residential and ceremonial centers lie amidst coconut plantations and forests of breadfruit, banana, and mango. Join the excitement of rediscovering this ancient Polynesian chiefdom. Learn how to excavate and engage directly with artifacts in a dig and in the local community museum. Our team meets in Honolulu on June 28 before flying to Tahiti, the capital of French Polynesia. Then we take an Air Tahiti flight to Hiva Oa in the Marquesas, where a boat meets us for the crossing to Tahuata, our tropical home for six full weeks.
Keywords: field school | archaeology | cultural anthropology
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