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Field School Announcement
The Vitor Archaeological Project, Peru
Sponsor: Institute for Field Research, University of Chicago, UCLA, Connecticut College
Contact Information
Ran Boytner
The Vitor Valley of Southern Peru exhibits a long history of human occupation. The most important archaeological complex is Millo 2, which includes ceremonial, residential, and mortuary components with significant evidence of Wari, Tiwanaku, and Inka presence. Through the study of these remains, the Vitor Archaeological Project focuses on the emergence of social complexity and human/environment interactions. Students will be trained in critical thinking and a wide range of archaeological research methodologies including: survey, and excavations of domestic, ceremonial, and mortuary contexts. Students will also spend time in the field lab studying, recording, and analyzing a wide range of archaeological artifacts. While in the field, students will live in a modest but comfortable field house. All participants will be expected to help keep the living spaces orderly and assist with daily tasks, which may include the preparation of meals and other activities necessary to have a successful field program. Monday through Friday, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are provided by the program in the field. Students are responsible for their weekend meals. Please let us know when you apply for this program if you have any special dietary needs. If you are a vegetarian, be aware that you may not have access to meals typically available in the USA. If necessary, students can purchase food at the local supermarkets in Arequipa. All meals will be communal events and will provide plenty of nutritious but basic food in the tradition of local cuisine. The daily diet in Peru is heavily based on rice, corn, potatoes and meat. Specialized diets (vegan, kosher, etc.) are difficult to maintain in this location. Vegetarians may attend but will find options fairly limited. Please let us know when you apply for this program if you have special dietary needs, as well as any medical or physical conditions. We will advise you accordingly. The project is used to catering for vegetarians, those with gluten intolerance etc. *Season Dates: June 16, 2013 - July 20, 2013 *Students will be awarded 8 semester credit units after completion of the field school. *For more information about the field school and other adventurous projects around the world, please visit us at:
Keywords: Middle Horizon | Peru | Wari
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