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Field School Announcement
The Pran'e Siddi Landscape Project of Sardinia, Italy
Sponsor: Institute for Field Research, University of Michigan, Connecticut College
Contact Information
Ran Boytner
The Pran'e Siddi Landscape Project is a 2-3 year project that will combine a variety of survey methodologies, soil analyses, and artifact analyses to investigate changing land use patterns in a Middle Bronze Age (ca. 1750-1450 BCE) settlement system in south central Sardinia. This settlement system, located on and around a high basaltic plateau near the modern town of Siddi, saw the development of a successful local elite with a program of monumental building and craft specialization. However, after only three hundred years of occupation, the settlement system appears to have been abandoned. Previous work at the site has addressed elite economic strategies and their possible effect on the environment and resource base. The Pran'e Siddi Landscape Project will move off site to investigate non-elite production strategies and land use and their relationship to environmental change. Students will live in comfortable, but modest, field housing in the town of Siddi (ca. 700 inhabitants). Conditions at the field house are basic: there is only one bathroom, hot water may run out, and students will share communal rooms. Mattresses will be provided, but it may be necessary for some students to sleep on mattresses on the floor. The house includes cupboards and a full-sized refrigerator where students can keep any snacks they wish to purchase. All meals during the week will be communal events that will introduce students to the traditions of Sardinian cuisine. Sardinian food is delicious and hearty, but students should be aware that meat plays a large role in it. Specialized diets (vegan, kosher, etc.) are very difficult to maintain in Sardinia; vegetarians may attend but will find their options quite limited and may find it necessary to supplement group meals with foods they purchase themselves. The format of weekend meals will vary according to the field trip schedule, but their cost is included in the program fee. *Season Dates: June 16, 2013 - July 20, 2013 *Students will be awarded 8 semester credit units after completion of the field school. *For more information about the field school and other adventurous projects around the world, please visit us at:
Keywords: Italy | Nuragic culture | Bronze Age
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