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Meeting Call for Papers Announcement
Researching Music Censorship University of Copenhagen, Denmark June 6th to 8th, 2013
Sponsor: University of Copenhagen
Contact Information
Johannes Skjelbo
Musicology, Dept of Arts
Klerkegade 2
Copenhagen 2700 Denmark
Phone: 26709011
The Researching Music Censorship network, which is funded by the Nordic research agency, NordForsk, has for more than three years examined and discussed music censorship with Nordic and International researchers. The aim of the conference is to promote and encourage the scholarly study of music censorship, and to research the role of music in relation to human rights and artistic freedom of expression in its broadest sense. The conference will examine: The way in which the study of censorship is strongly related to the various social, political and aesthetic discourses that are found in the cases studied: leading to a notion of ‘Censorship in context’ (John Street, 2012). 1) How the concept of censorship in music is balancing a thin line of differing juridical rules, which are neither consistent and logical nor universal, but highly relying on political and social action. 2) The theoretical and scholarly implications of the concept ‘advocacy’ in relation to the work on music censorship and other kinds of limitations of freedom of expression 3) The acknowledgement that in principle all kinds of music and sound can be and can be subjects to limitations and silencing.
Keywords: Music | Censorship | Ethnomusicology
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