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Meeting Call for Papers Announcement
Rebuilding national imaginaries, reasserting torn social fabrics: Reactions to violence and disappearance in Latin America, an interdisciplinary approach. Durham University, United Kingdom: 3rd and 4th July 2013
Sponsor: University of Durham
Contact Information
Jamie-Leigh Ruse
Department of Anthropology
Dawson Building, South Road
Durham DH1 1PT UK
Throughout the recent history of Latin America, we have seen repeated conflicts resulting in the experience of situations of extreme violence and disappearances by its citizens. From the military dictatorships of the Southern Cone, to the civil wars in Central America; from the conflict in Colombia to the current Drugs War in Mexico, whose reach spreads beyond its borders; citizens have had to cope with the infringement of violence on their lived-worlds. Such conflicts are lived through everyday fears, killings, disappearances, displacements, and quotidian images of spectacular violence. Similarly statistics, numbers and a variety of forms of expert knowledge also constitute, and affect the interpretation of, the lifeworlds of those who engage and live amidst conflict. However, extreme violence not only tears social fabric, at the same time it produces and reasserts the social and humanitarian dimensions of shared (and even novel ways of) citizenship. Throughout Latin America people have come together to overcome the violence and to rebuild. From associations of victims’ families and relatives of the disappeared demanding answers, to those giving support and therapy to those affected by the violence; from social protest movements demanding change, to the building of networks between associations for peace and the recognition of human rights; from forensic teams seeking to identify victims, to lawyers seeking legal and military reform; from journalists trying to chronicle the devastation, to anthropologists seeking to describe it’s lived consequences and psychologists seeking to understand and work with the individual effects of living with everyday violence. It is from this rebuilding of the social that we seek to create a dialogue between disciplines, bringing together voices and positions from various perspectives, in an attempt to understand how the national, and the social, have been and are being rebuilt and reasserted in Latin America, in both post-conflict and mid-conflict contexts. Conference Languages: English, Spanish
Keywords: Latin America | Violence | Peace
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