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Field School Announcement
The Heritage and Community: Documenting the “City Of The Dead”, Cairo, Egypt
Sponsor: Institute for Field Research, ARCHiNOS architectural, Connecticut College
Contact Information
Ran Boytner
URL http://
The vast Muslim cemeteries of Cairo, sometimes called the “City of the Dead” are a unique urban environment that includes valuable medieval architectural monuments and living communities that practice traditional crafts. As part of the conservation and reconstructions efforts of the hawd mosque – erected by Sultan Qaitbey ca. 1,472 CE – students will participate in documentation of physical and social aspects of a section of this quarter. Working side-by-side with Egyptian peers, students will learn about architectural and urban history of a traditional Middle Eastern city, and about principles of architectural conservation and adaptive reuse.*Season Dates: August 10, 2013 - September 13, 2013 *Students will be awarded 8 semester credit units after completion of the field school. *For more information about the field school and other adventurous projects around the world, please visit us at:
Keywords: Egypt | Cairo | Architect
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