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Field School Announcement
Bioarchaeology Field School-Kampsville Illinois
Sponsor: Arizona State University
Contact Information
Alissa Ruth- Human Evolution & Social Change
PO Box 872402
Tempe AZ 85287-2402 United States
URL http://
Whether you are a beginning or an advanced student, you can earn credit through a wide variety of field and laboratory courses at Arizona State University's Kampsville Field School. Held at the Center for American Archeology’s research and education headquarters in Kampsville, Illinois, the program allows students to earn 9 credits of undergraduate or graduate coursework in bioarchaeology/osteology; field methods; or geomatics. Director of the program Dr. Jane E. Buikstra – winner of two lifetime achievement awards for her pioneering work in bioarchaeology – is joined by a team of specialized faculty, whose classes emphasize empirical and theoretical training in archaeological research design and implementation. Students learn much more than the routine methods of archaeological recovery and analysis – they learn to think like scientific researchers.
Keywords: bioarchaeology | osteology | field methods
This announcement will be displayed until: 05/15/2013
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