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Meeting Call for Papers Announcement
Sponsor: Paul Christensen and Nicolas Sternsdorff
Contact Information
Paul Christensen
Union College, Dept. of Anthropology
807 Union Street
Schenectady NY 12308 USA
Dangers, real or contrived, surrounds us in myriad forms, inducing elaborate and varied practices of education, prohibition, transgression, and anxiety to confront their presence. This panel takes danger as a productive perspective of analysis to examine ways in which it is culturally constructed, understood, perceived, and confronted. Major questions considered include how is danger constituted as a significant category? How are things, experiences, and practices framed as dangerous, and how do we engage with them? We are motivated to think of danger as an emergent category that merits attention in its own right, how it motivates cultural acts, shapes identities and travels cross-culturally as a culturally-meaningful category. While we acknowledge the scholarship on risk, we seek to move in a different direction where we interrogate the basis of how people and societies organize the world around them in zones of safety and danger, and the many permutations in between. We seek a broad range of papers that bring forth the dangers, however interpreted, perceptible in the course of ethnographic fieldwork from any geographic region. If interested, send us an abstract plus your contact information by March 8. We are looking to submit by the March 15 deadline.
Keywords: Danger | Experience | Culture
This announcement will be displayed until: 03/10/2013
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