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Field School Announcement
Sponsor: Balkan Heritage Field School/Foundation, Blagoevgrad Regional Museum of History, New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria), Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Nanterre (France)
Contact Information
Ms. Anna Parmakova
204 Sveta Troitsa Str
Stara Zagora 6004 Bulgaria
Phone: +359 878 441 251
The BIRTH OF EUROPE 2013 Project envisions further excavation of the Neolithic structures and their surroundings. Two field school sessions are available in 2013, and each includes following three modules: fieldwork including maintaining a field journal on a daily basis, filling context sheets and labels, drawing an elevation plan/ a ground plan/ a cross-section, 3D positioning of finds, taking coordinates with a level device, and taking photographs at the site; lectures, workshops and field trainings in Prehistoric and Field Archaeology as well as Finds' processing and Documentation and excursions to various cultural and archaeological sites in the region including Blagoevgrad Regional Museum of History, the medieval town of Melnik and Rila Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site. Room and Board Arrangements: In rooms with two to four beds (air-conditioning, TV, bathrooms with shower and WC) in the Art Center Ilindentsi. There is also a washing machine available. Participants are not expected to bring any additional equipment, bedclothes or towels. The Art Center consists of: accommodation facilities, kitchen, dining hall, conference room, art gallery, garden and sculpture park. Three meals per day are covered by the admission fee. Requests for vegetarian food are accepted! Cost: Admission Fee - €1,249 (app. $1,590) for 1 project session including all educational and fieldwork activities, travel to and from the fieldwork venues, full-board accommodation, administrative costs, Project Handbook, issue of Certificate of Attendance and excursions/sightseeing tours/entrance fees. Discounts off the admission fee are available in case of: 1) AIA membership; 2) Participation in more than 1 BH project or project session in 2013; 3) Small Groups (two or three people, who participate in a BH project in 2013); 4) Larger Groups (four or more people, who participate in a BH project in 2013). Academic Credit: The New Bulgarian University grants to students 6 credits for participation in 1 project session, and 9 credits for participation in 2 sessions. Transcript is available upon request for an additional tuition fee.
Keywords: field school | excavation | birth of europe
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