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CFP: "Dark Influences": Doubt, Uncertainty and the Public
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Andrew Johnson
Call for Papers for 2013 AAA Meeting (Chicago) “Dark Influence”: Doubt, Uncertainty and the Public “The social” is not as self-evident as it seems. It is claimed both as a site for the expression of righteous grievances and the locus of change, but also a place for manipulation and deception. Claude Lefort argues that the discourse of the social is one that gains legitimacy without reference to a religious or other transcendental sphere. But, for Lefort, discourse on the social runs the risk of being exposed as being in service to a particular interest. For instance, in Thailand, “Red” protesters challenge the claims of mental health experts as being manipulated by the Thai aristocracy. In the United States, the political right often accuses media outlets as political agents. What can a look at such examples through the lens of doubt, uncertainty and conspiracy tell us about the nature of belonging to “the social”, how social movements develop, how understandings of rights and citizenship change, and why discourse on the social cannot be seen as discourse? We seek papers that contribute theoretically to topics including but not limited to rumor, conspiracy, the nature and locus of truth, and the problematics of discourse on the public. Papers can be focused on any region of the world. Please send abstracts to: Andrew Alan Johnson Postdoctoral Fellow, Weatherhead East Asian Institute Columbia University Or Daena Funahashi Visiting Scholar, Columbia University
Keywords: uncertainty | doubt | conspiracy
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This announcement will be displayed until: 04/15/2013
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