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CFP: The Spatial Politics of Enclosure: Creating Persons and Publics
Sponsor: Melanesian Interest Group
Contact Information
Barbara Andersen
The ethnography of Melanesia is replete with examples of strengthening, protective, and nurturant enclosures: ritual spaces in which acts of separation and confinement create persons, and enable biological and social reproduction. Enclosures order and separate different subjectivities, territories, and publics. At the same time, enclosures are frequently used as technologies of dispossession, by creating exclusionary regimes of property and stratifying access to resources, both material and symbolic. Following last year's Melanesian Interest Group sponsored session, “Imagining Non-Material Forms of Dispossession,” which brought Melanesianists into conversation with those working in other ethnographic contexts, this panel will include contributions from both Melanesia and elsewhere. We will consider the forms of enclosure, segregation, and spatial ordering that create the possibilities and limits of social difference. We want to examine practices of enclosure that trouble dichotomies of public/private, individual/collective, accessible/restricted. How are historical or “customary” ontologies of enclosure imbricated with, or transformed by, contemporary spatializing practices? How are new forms of enclosure changing peoples' experiences, identities, and life chances? How might we understand the increasing privatization and securitization of life in both Melanesian and global contexts? How might the ethnography of contemporary enclosures contribute to anthropological theorizations of public and private? We envision a broad, comparative discussion and invite abstracts on a wide range of “enclosures,” both within and beyond Melanesia. Examples might include: - Men's/women's/spirit houses and other “customary” enclosures - Convents, churches, and revival tents - Urban residential compounds, shopping malls - Intellectual property and patent law - Mining project areas, leaseholds, and work sites - Hospital wards, clinics, and quarantine areas - Homes and gardens; notions of privacy and domesticity - Schools, universities, and dormitories - Settlements, squats, ghettos, and gated communities - Reservations; ecological “protected areas” - Security checkpoints, prisons, and barracks Please send abstracts of 250 words or less to Barbara Andersen ( or Tate Lefevre ( by Sunday, March 10, 2013.
Keywords: space | dispossession | Melanesia
Submission Deadline:
This announcement will be displayed until: 03/10/2013
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