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Field School Announcement
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Ms. Anna Parmakova
The Balkan Heritage Field School is still accepting EARLY BIRD APPLICATIONS* through April 1st 2013 for four field school projects: 1. WORKSHOP FOR CONSERVATION AND DOCUMENTATION OF ROMAN MOSAICS (Macedonia) - Dates: 15 - 29 June, 2013 2. WORKSHOP FOR CONSERVATION, RESTORATION AND DOCUMENTATION OF ROMAN POTTERY (Macedonia) - Dates: 15 - 29 June, 2013 3. APOLLONIA PONTICA EXCAVATIONS (Bulgaria) - Session 1: 3 - 17 August, 2013 ; Session 2: 18 August - 1 September, 2013 4. STOBI (THE CAPITAL CITY OF MACEDONIA SECUNDA) EXCAVATIONS (Macedonia) - Session 1: 3 - 17 August, 2013 ; Session 2: 18 August - 1 September, 2013 Detailed information about all the field school projects is available at: On-line applications can be submitted at: * Early Bird students benefit from up to 15% DISCOUNTS OFF THE REGULAR ADMISSION FEES. Video with some of the most exciting moments of the Balkan Heritage Field School Projects in 2012 is available for viewing on youtube - In season 2012 more than 160 volunteers, archaeologists and conservators took part in nine projects including: "Fresco-hunting" photo-expedition, Workshops on Ancient Greek pottery, Roman pottery and Roman mosaics and Excavations at magnificent sites such as Stobi, Apollonia Pontica, Heraclea Lyncestis and the Early Neolithic Settlement Ilindentsi, Participants also visited some of the most beautiful places on the Balkans - the Rila Monastery, the Boyana Church, the ancient towns of Sozopol and Nessebar on the Black Sea, Ohrid and Ohrid Lake in Macedonia. You are welcome to share our promo video with your associates and friends and to subscribe to the BHFS video channel at:
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