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CFP: Well-Being and Socialism
Sponsor: n/a
Contact Information
Noor Borbieva
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Department of Anthropology
Phone: 2604816266
In anthropological explorations of well-being, a number of key questions tend to arise. In this panel we take two: the relationship between well-being and cultural change and the interplay between communal-based notions of well-being and individual-based notions of well-being. In the panel, we will examine how cultural change shifts the relative importance of communal and individual notions of well-being in one particular historical context: the end of Communism. One cross-cultural study found that people in the former Soviet bloc experience exceedingly low levels of well-being relative to people in other regions. Our panel will explore socialism as a utopian ideal, one that in many regions ultimately gave way to various forms of market capitalism. Rather than talk about the “collapse” or “failure” of socialism, panelists will explore the ways socio-economic change affects the way people think about person, community, and the ideal life. The goal of the panel is to illuminate the contribution ethnography can make to conversations about well-being as well as illustrate the importance such conversations have for an understanding of socialism. If you are interested in being considered for this panel or would like more information, please contact Noor Borbieva at Abstracts should be received by 4/8/13.
Keywords: Soviet Union | well-being | socialism
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This announcement will be displayed until: 04/09/2013
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