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Field School Announcement
Bronze Age Field School in Spain
Sponsor: Arqueoexperiences
Contact Information
Dionisio Urbina
LLano, 25
Santa Cruz Zarza TOL 45370 España
Phone: +34687754256
Excavations at Castillejo del Bonete began in 2003. The site is a Chalcolithic and Bronze Age settlement structured around a natural cave, in which we began exhuming tombs with rich artifacts. The chasm is fortified and after it there is a more than 20m-long cyclopean corridor. Around the cave there are several small circular symbolic spaces. In fact, the whole site seems to have a symbolic function around the pit where the burials have been found. Castillejo del Bonete offers a special opportunity to understand the symbolic universe of European Bronze Age societies. The excavations are also directed By PhD Luis Benítez de Lugo and BA Norberto Palomares, and the Directors of Arqueoexperiences OhD Dionisio Urbina Martínez y BA Catalina Urquijo Álvarez de Toledo. ArqueoExperiences was established in 1998 and is one of the few archaeological field schools operating in Spain. Since then, we have trained over 300 students in the basic methodologies of the archaeological record, such as decision making in the field, management of technical tools, collection of samples for analytical testing, first aid for conservation debris, restoring structures and professional archaeology. Our directors are professional archaeologists with over 20 years’ experience in the sector.
Keywords: Spain archaeological field scholl | Bronze Age Spain | summer 2013, archaeologicl excavation in Spain
This announcement will be displayed until: 07/30/2013
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