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CFP AAA 2013: Anthropology's Engagement with the Work of E.P. Thompson
Sponsor: Kathleen Millar, Duke University
Contact Information
Kathleen Millar
AAA 2013 CFP: Anthropology's Engagement with the Work of E.P. Thompson Session organizers: Kathleen Millar (Duke University) and Rebecca Galemba (University of Denver) This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of E.P. Thompson’s The Making of the English Working Class. This momentous account of capitalist development and working class politics in 18th and 19th century England not only reconceptualized class as a relationship and a process. It also brought questions of agency,subjectivity, and experience into social analysis and prefigured influential concepts that Thompson would further develop in other works including time-sense, work-discipline, historical logic and perhaps most importantly, the moral economy. Heeding the conference call for “interdisciplinary exchanges and dialogues that engage big questions,” this panel reflects on what E.P. Thompson’s work offers for an anthropology of contemporary capitalism. At a time of rising unemployment and precarious labor, protests against austerity measures and finance capital, and the emergence of new forms of class politics in both the global North and South, Thompson’s work seems especially relevant. What might Thompson’s emphasis on the making of class offer our analysis of occupy, precariat and student movements, as well as other mobilizations in recent years? How might alternative work conditions in informal economies be reshaping what Thompson referred to as time-sense andwork-discipline? What might Thompson’s concept of the moral economy illuminate about the ways different workers experience and express economic crises in neoliberal capitalism? And how might a perspective on historical process shift our interpretation of the present? Each of the session’s papers consider how a specific concept or methodological approach in the work of E.P. Thompson has influenced and been reshaped by the panelist’s ethnographic research on an issue of class, social inequality, political mobilization, or global capitalism today. The goal of the panel, therefore, is not only to reflect on the work of E.P. Thompson but to adapt, extend, and even challenge his ideas through grounded ethnography of economic change. If you are interested in contributing to this session, please send a paper abstract (250 words max) to Kathleen Millar ( and Rebecca Galemba ( by April 5.
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