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Thinking with Care: Ethnographic Engagements in Medical Settings
Sponsor: Anthropology, UC Davis
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Rima Praspaliauskiene
The notion of care has made inroads from medical anthropology and the works of feminist scholars to science and technology studies and social science at large. Recent medical ethnographies have used this notion to explore various forms of social abandonment, pharmaceutical governance, humanitarian regimes, pastoral power, and debt under neoliberalism. Within the present proliferation of the notion of care, the goal of this panel is to think about the intricacies care: What constitutes care? What are the conceptual limitations and possibilities of care? What other concepts could we use to think about what we call “care” (“nurturing,” “generosity” “hospitality,” “responsibility,” “obligation,” etc.) or to think with care? Additionally, the panel aims to unsettle “common sense” assumptions of care as purely compassionate and altruistic. We look for papers that explore how care also dwells in ambiguous terrains, in which “good and bad may be intertwined” (Mol 2010). What is the relationship between care and ethical innocence? Could care be provided through means perceived as “violent” and “harmful”? Is it always clear which forms of care deserve to be praised or criticized? Specifically we are interested in ethnographic studies that focus on ambivalent relations of care that constitute and are constituted by the materiality of medical infrastructures, biomedical arrangements, technologies, objects, and narratives across different geographic areas. Please send 250 word abstracts to Rima Praspaliauskiene or Rossio Motta by April 13, 2013
Keywords: Care | health | materiality
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