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Continuation of Conflict by Other Means: Post-Conflict Transitions to Peace
Sponsor: Hande Sarikuzu
Contact Information
Hande Sarikuzu
Binghamton NY 13905 USA
This panel aims to problematize linear progressive notions of “transition to peace” in “post-conflict” settings. It emphasizes the dilemmas of assuming a clear-cut demarcation between peace-versus-conflict in historical time and space, as well as the multifarious and contested nature of “transitions” in the aftermath of violence. We start by paraphrasing Clausewitz’s famous quote, as we aim to embed ruptures of conflict within multiple layers of structural violence and social antagonisms, which continue to interact in even more complicated ways in the aftermath of the spectacle. From this perspective, the notion of “peace” as the displacement of conflict to a bygone era rather appears as a political ramification of ongoing power struggles displaced to different terrains—for example, from interpersonal to juridical, from economic to symbolic, or from local to national and transnational processes. This has serious implications for identifying the sites and registers of domination, oppression, and resistance. It also raises a variety of methodological, epistemological and ethical concerns for anthropologists working with conflicts in the aftermath of spectacles: How do we map the social field of conflict beyond the confines of its locale? How do we study institutionalized and systemic violence ethnographically? Finally, how do we contribute to the continuation of conflict by other means as anthropologists? We seek papers that contribute theoretically to a critical understanding of peacetime as a battleground in “transitioning” and “post-conflict” settings, and that cover the following issues: Democratization and neo-liberalization Political economy of violence Elites and civil society Legitimization of state authority and national identity Gendered states of violence; patriarchy and militarization The body as a site of conflict Liminality Media and representation “Power-sharing” and peace negotiations International law, sovereignty, and peace-making Human rights, savages, and saviors Law as violence or violence as law Politics of apology, reconciliation, retribution Collective memory, historical reckoning, truth-making Hospitality/ hostility/ tolerance
Keywords: post-conflict | transitional justice | peacemaking
Submission Deadline:
This announcement will be displayed until: 04/15/2013
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