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CFP AAA2013: Migration and the limits of mobility: Everyday engagements with borders and barriers to movement
Sponsor: Caitlin Fouratt
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Caitlin Fouratt
Globally, the convergence of concerns over national security and increasingly restrictive immigration policies has created new challenges for migrants and border crossers. Greater restrictions on movement mean more dangerous migrations, longer separations, and more precarious living conditions for both migrants and their families. Such legal regimes and physical restrictions not only create and enforce certain kinds of immobility, they generate instability, uncertainty, and a sense of perpetual crisis. And yet, people’s engagements with these restrictions exceed such narrow legal, geographical, and physical boundaries. Far from totalizing, such limits and barriers contribute to new constructions of subjectivity; a sense of abjectivity or illegality may generate new forms of agency or activism. This panel explores people's everyday engagements with various legal and physical barriers to migration in their everyday lives. How do people experience such limits? In particular, we seek to highlight the moments of possibility and creativity as people navigate and engage with immigration law and border controls. What is at stake in these everyday encounters? What insights do daily encounters with restrictions on mobility offer for our understandings of crisis and instability? We welcome papers from any geographical region and a range of theoretical approaches that address such everyday engagements, especially papers that address both people who move and those who are unable to migrate. Interested panelists should send title, abstracts (250 words max.), to Caitlin Fouratt by April 10th. Panelists will be confirmed by April 12th.
Keywords: migration | immigration law | transnationalism
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