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Call for Roundtable Participants - Requiring Culture/Undergraduate Teaching.
Sponsor: Amy Groleau and Carolyn Hsu
Contact Information
Amy Groleau
Call for Roundtable Participants AAA 2013: “Requiring Culture: Anthropology and the Compulsory “Global”, “Civilization”, or “International” Undergraduate Course. With increasing emphasis on internationalization and global connections in undergraduate education, colleges and universities are requiring of their students coursework that explicitly engages the uniqueness of local communities around the world. Variously framed as global connections, communities and identities, civilizations, or cultural analysis, what was once classically the work of anthropology (courses once titled “peoples and cultures of ____”) is being taken up by faculty across disciplines based on their regional specialization. This roundtable aims to explore how institutions teach about culture and difference given the context of anthropologists moving away from single-sited area studies. How do scholars from various disciplines teach students about communities and places? In the absence of explicit anthropological frameworks what theoretical and methodological frameworks are employed? Should anthropologists respond to faculty outside of the discipline defining and explaining culture and community to undergraduates and, if so, how? Is this move interdisciplinary (combining disciplines) or does it risk becoming adisciplinary (vignettes of places or people absent theoretical frameworks for thinking about them)? In what ways is the study of a non-western other implicit in such global requirements and should anthropologists be more active in framing and critiquing core curriculum? Individuals interested in participating in this roundtable please contact Amy Groleau ( or Carolyn Hsu ( by April 12, 2013. Please distribute widely Thanks, Amy Groleau and Carolyn Hsu Department of Sociology and Anthropology Colgate University
Keywords: pedagogy | culture
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This announcement will be displayed until: 04/14/2013
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