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Meeting Call for Papers Announcement
2013 Annual Meeting in Chicago: Panel on "Martyrdom, Memorialization, and Militarization"
Sponsor: AAA
Contact Information
Haley Duschinski
Martyrdom, Memorialization, and Militarization Organizers: Haley Duschinski (Ohio University) and Ather Zia (University of California – Irvine) This panel examines forms of memorialization that occur, not in the transition from authoritarian rule to democratic governance, but rather in the authoritarian present, for people living under ongoing conditions of state military violence. We are interested in papers that ethnographically explore various aspects of this process, including (1) how state militarization, which pervades every social and political institution of life in authoritarian regimes, shapes the possibilities and perils of memorialization, commemoration, and truth-telling; (2) how communities living under such conditions pursue a range of everyday truth-telling projects – martyr’s graveyards, people’s tribunals, visual and performative art, street shrines, and others – as they work to express social realities, build popular solidarities, and pursue resistance strategies against state domination; and (3) how questions of truth and justice are contested and negotiated through processes of memorywork under conditions of authoritarian rule. We welcome papers from all world regions. If you are interested in participating in the panel, please send an email message briefly outlining your paper to Haley Duschinski ( as soon as possible.
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