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Meeting Call for Papers Announcement
2013 Annual Meeting: Contemporary Parenthood student panel
Sponsor: AAA
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Kristen Pierce
Looking for a couple more student presenters to round out a panel focused on the changing nature of parenthood, joining others exploring this theme: Anthropological engagement with parenthood has long advanced from mere kinship models and now embraces a wide breadth of philosophy and method. Writing an inclusive definition of “parent” is far more difficult than it was a generation ago and as culture and technology continue to broaden our options, the question of who should be called a parent is becoming even less clear. Contemporary categories of biological and social roles and boundaries are becoming more nebulous for both mother and child, with implications for the larger social network and culture as a whole. Using approaches from Agamben and Foucault to Boellstorff and Turkle, this panel will explore contemporary thinking that ventures beyond biology to constructed, economic, social, biological, and virtual parenthood. Is motherhood a construct that limits choices and keeps a woman firmly in the domain of production and consumption? What happens to the traditional family structure when an egg donor is a relative, and what impact does epigenetics have on the biocultural role of the child? In a virtual world where pregnancy and birth are unnecessary, what is the experience of those who engage in socially constructed reproduction? Anthropological inquiry into the ontology of parenthood yields fertile ground for discussion of important topics of selfhood; among them: agency, technology, and biopolitics. Please send a brief overview of your paper (or abstract if ready) ASAP to Kristen Pierce at
Keywords: student | parenthood
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