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Field School Announcement
Seed to Table Community Garden
Sponsor: University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Lafayette Consolidated Government
Contact Information
Mike LeBlanc
Dept 5901 - Planning Division
PO Box 4017-C
Lafayette LA 70502 US
Phone: 337-291-7179
The focus of the research is determination of cause of obesity within an urban milieu among a populations of Cajuns, Creoles and Afro-Americans. Field school students will collaborate with neighborhood participants in this “Seed to Table” experiment in gardening, food preparation, and cooking. Students will engage in a transformative research beneficial to their career development and to our local community. As learners and researchers, students will develop and practice skills in participant observation, field documentation, qualitative, and quantitative research, interpersonal communication, and more. Utilization of Louisiana Cajun and Creole French by ethnographers and is encouraged, but not required. The project is a collaboration with Lafayette Consolidated Government, The University of Louisiana, and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Louisiana. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to participate.
Keywords: obesity | ethnicity | farming
This announcement will be displayed until: 06/02/2013
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