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Field School Announcement
The first agriculturalist of Spain
Sponsor: University of Valencia
Contact Information
Agustin Diez Castillo
Departament de Prehistoria i Arqueologia Universitat de Valencia
Blasco Ibañez 18
Valencia 46010 Spain
Phone: +34 963 98 3893
Participants will learn under the direction of prof. Joan Bernabeu how to dig Neolithic layers containing house pits, hearths and other kind of structures at the site of Mas D'Is. They will help to analyze and catalog artifacts as well as photograph and map the site with technologies such as Total Station, 3D Scanners and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applied to archaeological fieldwork. Since the 80s, archaeologists have been uncovering artifacts at the valleys of Alcoià-El Comtat, an isolated, ten-mile long valley that rises dramatically from near sea level to over 1000 m.a.s.l. This area contains evidence of the important transition that occurred as their prehistoric inhabitants began to cultivate plants and to herd animals. Participants will assist Professors Joan Bernabeu, Teresa Orozco and Agustín Diez of the University of Valencia, to excavate a Neolithic village at the site of Mas D'Is. This research will help understand the cultural interaction between hunter-gatherers and farmers arriving from the "far East" to Mediterranean Spain. One day trip to some of the more important Neolithic sites in the area and some very important rock art sites like La Sarga and Petracos will be include.
Keywords: Neolithic | Spain | Archaeology
This announcement will be displayed until: 06/15/2013
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