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Field School Announcement
ST. ATANAS CAPE - the birth of Byzantine Christian Art
Sponsor: “Ratiaria Semper Floreat” Archaeological Trust (RSFAT)
Contact Information
Prof. Dr. Hab. Rumen Ivanov
13 Moskovska Str.
Sofia 1000 Bulgaria
URL http://
St. Atanas Cape is a seaside resort center, south of the big city of Varna, Bulgarira. Here is being studied an early Christian complex with a basilica. In the beginning of this archaeological season was decorated a narthex with wall-paintings and inscriptions. Among the larger ones there is a partly preserved image of a saint (perhaps – Jesus Christ). There are also two fragments with partly damaged inscriptions with names in Latin: MARI[A] and H?E[S]US. For the time being these are the earliest inscriptions containing the names of Holy Virgin Mary and Jesus Chris. The project "ST. ATANAS CAPE - the birth of Byzantine Christian Art" focuses on the earliest ages of Byzantine Empire (the 5th and 6th century A.D.) and the Christian architecture and art in one of the city centres located very close to the Byzantine capital - Constantinople. The project offers on-site practice, lectures on architecture of Early Christian churches, wall-paintings conservation and research trips to the most popular touristic destinations on the Black sea coast. Session dates: Session 1: July 27 – August 3, 2013 Session 2: August 3 – August 17, 2013 Minimum age: 18; Minimum length of stay: One session - 14 days; Number of places available: 10; Language: English; Experience required: None Admission fee: Full session 15 days - 1084 EUR Tuition fees for 6 academic credits: 400 EUR (520 USD) - all EU countries 600 EUR (780 USD) - other international students
Keywords: field school | excavations | Byzantine Archaeology
This announcement will be displayed until: 08/01/2013
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