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Field School Announcement
DIOCLETIANOPOLIS. The town of Emperor Diocletian.
Sponsor: “Ratiaria Semper Floreat” Archaeological Trust (RSFAT), Historical museum – Hisarya.
Contact Information
Prof. Dr. Hab. Rumen Ivanov
13 Moskovska Str.
Sofia 1000 Bulgaria
Diocletianopolis in Thracia (Latin: "Town of Diocletian") was an ancient Roman town in the region of Thrace, nowadays the town of Hisarya in Bulgaria. It gained its official status as a city in 293 CE by the Roman Emperor Diocletian. The modern town of Hisarya accommodates a spa resort, which was also used and dates to the Roman period. Under Roman occupation, the town was an affluent resort with evidence of palaces, wide stone streets and marble baths. This is the only city in Bulgaria with completely preserved fortification walls up to 14 m high dated back to 4th century AD. The project is hosted by the director of the local historical museum at Hisarya Assoc. Prof. Mitko Madzharov, who has worked for several years with international students. In 2013 the project incorporates also two excursions to the most popular Archaeological museums and sites in central Bulgaria: Philippopolis (modern Plovdiv), the Thracian complex “Kozi gramadi”, The Thracian tomb complex by Starosel, Bachkovo Monastery and Roman Augusta Traiana (modern Stara Zagora). At the end of the course the students will receive Certificate of participation and the newly published book "2. Corpus of Ancient and Medieval Settlements in Modern Bulgaria, Vol." - 566 pages in English containing full description of the Roman and Bizantine cities on the territory of modern Bulgaria.
Keywords: archaeological excavations | Roman archaeology | students
This announcement will be displayed until: 06/30/2013
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