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Field School Announcement
Historical Archaeology in Virginia City, Montana
Sponsor: Montana State University, Bozeman
Contact Information
Nancy Mahoney
Phone: 406-994-6683
Learn basic archaeological field methods as you explore the prehistory and history of Virginia City, including the history of the Lemhi Shoshone Indians, and the vibrant, multi-ethnic community of early settlers that made up this early gold mining community. The course is 3 weeks online and 3 weeks in the field, including: artifact processing in the McFarland Curatorial Center, field trips to local archaeological and historical sites, experience with public interpretation, and lectures by MSU professors form History, Native American Studies & Anthropology. Tuition & Fees = $1352.00 all inclusive, except for travel to Bozeman, MT.
Keywords: Archaeology | Interdisciplinary | Field School
This announcement will be displayed until: 07/10/2013
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