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Field School Announcement
Archaeological Dig in the Ancient Roman City of Sanisera and Mapping Tools for Archaeologists Focused on GIS Software
Sponsor: The Sanisera Field School: International Archaeology Courses
Contact Information
Lana Johnson
Es Mercadal Isl 07740 EspaƱa
In the first part of the course we will be excavating the Ancient Roman City of Sanisera, which overlooks the natural port of Sanitja. The archaeological dig in the Ancient Roman City focuses on Classical Archaeology and specifically on Roman archaeology. During this part of the excavation, participants will receive an intensive introduction to basic aspects of field excavation techniques following the Harris Matrix. In the lab, participants will process, classify and study excavated materials, focusing on Roman pottery. Time dedicated to this part of the program: 50%. In the second part, students will practice their computer drawing skills, so that they can create an archaeological GIS platform from the applied recording system of Sanisera. In this way, students will also learn how to use the ARGIS software. Time dedicated to this part of the program: 50%.
Keywords: archaeology | fieldwork | field school
This announcement will be displayed until: 12/13/1930
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