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Field School Announcement
Mapping Tools for Archaeologists: Topography, Photogrammetry and GIS applied in the Necropolis and the Ancient Roman City of Sanisera
Sponsor: The Sanisera Field School: International Archaeology Courses
Contact Information
Lana Johnson
Es Mercadal Isl 07740 EspaƱa
In the first part of the course, participants will prepare a Topographic Data Base of the site using an Electronic Total Station, in order to create a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and archaeological maps in a CAD drawing file. Students will also learn how to use an Electronic Total Station, as well as softwares like Golden and AutoCAD. Time dedicated to this part of the program: 35%. The second part deals with the usage of photogrammetry to create a 3D Modeling, which will be based on photos from some structures of the excavated Roman city and cemetery of Sanisera. Participants will learn how to use softwares such as Photomodeler, Photoshop and CorelDraw. Time dedicated to this part of the program: 10%. The third part will combine published images of Roman architecture, photos from the Sanisera city and cemetery that have been excavated, satellite images from Google Maps and Google Earth, and CAD graphics, all in order to create a 3D Model of the site, using Google Sketchup 8. Finally, in the last part of the program, students will practice their computer drawing skills, so they can create an archaeological GIS plataform from the applied recording system of Sanisera. And in this way, students will also learn how to use the ARGIS software. Time dedicated to this part of the program: 50%.
Keywords: GIS | archaeology | field school
This announcement will be displayed until: 12/13/1930
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