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Award or Prize Announcement
Eric R. Wolf Prize for graduate students
Sponsor: Society for the Anthropology of Work
Contact Information
Ann Kingsolver
University of Kentucky
624 Maxwelton Court
Lexington KY 40502 USA
Phone: 859-257-8262
Application Submission Deadline: 10/01/2013
Type of Award or Prize: Essay
Level of Study: MA/Graduate
Eligibility Requirements: Graduate students focused on the anthropology of work are eligible for this prize. As long as an essay was completed while the author was a graduate student, recent graduates are also eligible. Submitted work must be previously unpublished, since the winning essay is peer-reviewed for possible publication in the Anthropology of Work Review. Graduate students need not be members of the SAW to enter the paper prize contest, but students memberships are available in the SAW for $5, with membership in the AAA.
Field(s) of Study: anthropology of work, any subfield
Cash prize: $250.00
The Eric R. Wolf Prize for a graduate student essay best demonstrating an anthropological approach to the study of work in the tradition of political economic scholarship modeled and encouraged by Eric Wolf is awarded at the AAAs each year by the Society for the Anthropology of Work at its business meeting. This prize should not be confused with the Eric Wolf Prize established more recently by the Political Ecology Society. SAW Eric Wolf Prize entries should be Word documents, double-spaced, of 25 pages or less, including references. Submissions are due by October 1 to Ann Kingsolver, Wolf Prize Committee Chair, at Identifying information (including headers and footers) should be removed from the Word document and put into the accompanying email message. Entries considered for the 2013 Wolf Prize must be submitted by October 1, 2013. Please direct any questions about the SAW Eric R. Wolf Prize to Ann Kingsolver,, or 859-257-8262.
Keywords: graduate | paper | prize
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