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Fellowship and Support Announcement
Two Research Fellowships on Human-Animal Relations in the Arctic
Sponsor: Arctic Domus (ERC Advanced Grant) University of Aberdeen
Contact Information
David G. Anderson
Dept of Anthropology
University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen --- AB11 7TY United Kingdom
Level of Study: Doctoral/Post-Doctoral
Eligibility Requirements: • PhD in Anthropology, Archaeology or related discipline • Qualifications in the language in which the fieldwork will be conducted • Proven ability to undertake the fieldwork/archival work necessary for the project • Knowledge and ability to conduct fieldwork in a Fenoscandinavian field site (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Murmansk oblast Russia) • Knowledge and ability to conduct fieldwork in any one of the other seven field regions of the Arctic Domus Project
Field(s) of Study: anthropology archaeology
This research fellowship is one of five within a large international research project funded by the European Research Council entitled. The research team aims to elaborate human-animal relationships across a number of sites in the circumpolar North. There are two posts available. • The research project should fit within one or more themes of ethnography, archaeology, social studies of science, or environmental history. • The research project should be based on fieldwork or archival work and focus on one of the seven regions of the circumpolar Arctic emphasised in the Description of Work. Special attention will be given to applications with a focus on Fennoscandia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Murmansk oblast’ (Russia). As this post is funded by the European Research Council it will be offered for a period of 24 months. The salary is at Grade 6 (from £30,424 to £36,298). The deadline is 29 November 2013. To apply please consult the summary of the project and further particulars available for download below, and then complete an application form online from the link in this advert. In addition, the candidate is requested to compose a description of their proposed research topic which address the theoretical link to Arctic Domestication, the relevance of the topic to other members of the research team, and gives a short overview of the fieldwork or resources necessary to complete the project. The description should not be more than 5 pages.
Keywords: Arctic | anthropology
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