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Field School Announcement
Workshop for Conservation, Restoration and Documentation of Roman Pottery 2014
Sponsor: The Balkan Heritage Field School / Foundation, National Institution Stobi and New Bulgarian University.
Contact Information
Ms. Anna Parmakova
204, "Sveta Troitsa" St.
Stara Zagora 6004 Bulgaria
Phone: + 359 877 725 052
The historical references and archaeological excavations provide a picture of the continuity of occupation in Stobi. The remains of the Archaic (sixth century BC) and Classical period (fifth-fourth century BC), discovered by the excavations, point to the earliest periods of Stobi's history. The first historiography records that mention Stobi are provided by the Roman historian Titus Livy, and concern the period of the second century BC, when (in 197 BC) the Macedonian king Philip V defeated the Dardanians in the vicinity of Stobi. In the fourth century AD Stobi became an important Christian center and seat of mighty bishops. In the fifth and sixth century, Stobi was the capital city of the Roman province Macedonia Secunda. The WORKSHOP FOR CONSERVATION, RESTORATION AND DOCUMENTATION OF ROMAN POTTERY 2014 will guide the participants through the history and technology of Roman and Late Roman pottery and consequent stages of archaeological conservation, restoration, documentation and study. Both the theoretical and practical courses will be based on Roman pottery found in the ancient city of Stobi. During the workshop participants will work with authentic Roman and Late Roman shards. The project includes three modules: practical work in documentation and restoration of Roman pottery; lectures, trainings and behind-the-scenes study visits and excursions to the old town of Bitola, the archaeological site of Heraclea Lyncestis, Ohrid and Ohrid lake (UNESCO World Heritage Site) as well as to a traditional pottery workshop. The workshop will take place from June 7, 2014 - June 21, 2014. Cost: Before 31st of January, 2014: 1169 EUR (app.1559 USD). The regular admission fee (after 31st of January, 2014) is 1299 EUR (app.1579 USD) for participation in this workshop session. The Admission fee includes educational and fieldwork activities, tools, materials, full-board accommodation (including three meals per day), Project Handbook, issue of Certificate of Attendance, excursions/sightseeing tours/entrance fees and administrative costs. Transcripts are available upon request for an additional tuition fee starting from 270 EUR (app. 350 USD)!
Keywords: field school | workshop | Roman pottery
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