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Field School Announcement
Mortuary and Roman Archaeology Field School in Spain
Sponsor: Aditu Servicios Arqueologicos
Contact Information
Amandra Sansone
Maddalen 26, 2
Ubide, Bizkaia Spain
The Zamartze Mortuary and Roman Archaeology Field Schools are both part of a research project investigating human burials and Roman occupation at the medieval monastic complex of Zamartze in the municipality of Uharte-Arakil (Navarre, Spain). Students will have the opportunity to be immersed in the Basque culture while working closely with experienced archaeologists to learn archaeological field and lab methods, artifact collection and documentation, mapping and stratigraphy analysis. Mortuary archaeology students will focus on excavations in mortuary contexts, cataloging, structure analysis and pathology identification. Interested persons can visit for more informaion or email
Keywords: Mortuary | Roman | Archaeology
This announcement will be displayed until: 07/01/2014
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