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Field School Announcement
Field School in Medieval Archaeology and Bioarchaeology at Badia Pozzeveri (LU), Italy
Sponsor: The Ohio State University/University of Pisa
Contact Information
Dr Giuseppe Vercellotti
Department of Anthropology The Ohio State University
4034 Smith Laboratory
Columbus OH 43210 USA
The field school at Badia Pozzeveri is an outstanding opportunity for students to gain practical experience in archaeological excavation and bioarchaeological investigation by working side-by-side with leading researchers in the field. The field school is designed to provide participants with knowledge of archaeological field methods – including survey, excavation, and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) – and bioarchaeological field and research methods – recovery, restoration, and analysis of human skeletal remains. Practical, hands-on experience in the field will be complemented by laboratory activity in archaeology and bioarchaeology. Lectures by the directors and instructors on their research also provide students with insights in the theory and practice of archaeology and physical anthropology.
Keywords: archaeology | bioarchaeology | GIS
This announcement will be displayed until: 06/01/2014
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