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Meeting Call for Papers Announcement
AAA 2014 CFP: Animate Encounters
Sponsor: Andrew Johnson
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Andrew Johnson
Animate Encounters Recent anthropological attention has been placed upon the human/nonhuman interaction and what the nonhuman “thinks” (Kohn 2013). But when the nonhuman thinks, how do we know what it thinks? And, how do we understand “its” speech as speech? Emergent ideas of the ontological and human beings as agents among other agents in the world, as made explicit by the notion of the anthropocene, have ushered in new ways to conceptualize human-nonhuman relationality or what Descola (2013) has called “interagentivity.” In this panel, we build upon these recent developments in anthropology to rethink what animates us and how we might animate what we think into being (cf. Moll 2014). We seek papers that re-examine the ethnography of “animism” or human-nonhuman relationality with a critical eye. The questions that motivate us include: what moves us to do what we do? Are we authors of our own actions? Are we knowable to ourselves? Additionally, how can one engage with the nonhuman? How can we understand “its” speech? In what form would such an encounter take? What ramifications does the ontological turn have on the politics of self and other and the ethics of research in anthropology? Andrew Alan Johnson, Yale-NUS College Daena Funahashi, Yale-NUS College
Keywords: AAA 2014 | Ontology | Subjectivity
This announcement will be displayed until: 04/15/2014
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