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Meeting Call for Papers Announcement
AAA 2014 CFP: Exploring Identity, Image, and Experience within Pariah Femininities
Sponsor: Steve Moog
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Steve Moog
Exploring Identity, Image, and Experience within Pariah Femininities In 2007, sociologist Mimi Schippers coined the term “pariah femininity” in regards to “characteristics that, when embodied by women, constitute a refusal to complement hegemonic masculinity in relation of subordination and therefore are threatening to male dominance”. These femininities can, and do, take shape in a variety of ways and in a multitude of settings. Additionally, these femininities underscore the complexities of both inter- and intra-gender relations and power structures. Recognizing that women navigate and negotiate several femininities simultaneously, this panel intends to explore the theoretical and practical implications of pariah femininities within larger personal and social contexts—especially as these pertain to issues of identity, image, and experience. Possible questions for exploration include, but are not limited to: how do pariah femininities challenge hegemonic gender relations? How are these femininities embodied and enacted? How does patriarchy (and related variants of dominant gender dynamics) respond to these types of femininities? While particularly interested in the exploration of pariah femininities, this panel hopes to include, and welcomes, papers from a broad range of contexts with the goal of providing a forum from which this topic can explored and understood as an integral dynamic of ongoing feminist theorizing and social analysis. If interested in participating, (1) please submit a 250 word (max) abstract by April 10th to organizer Steve Moog (, and (2) register and submit via the AAA portal before the April 15th deadline.
Keywords: AAA 2014 | feminist anthropology | gender
This announcement will be displayed until: 04/15/2014
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