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Field School Announcement
Australia: Historical Archaeology Field School
Sponsor: Archaeology Department, Flinders University
Contact Information
Donald Pate
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide SA 5001 Australia
Phone: +61 8 8201 2067
URL http://
In order to provide Bachelor of Archaeology students with a no-cost option to satisfy the core topic degree field requirement, from 2014 a local field school providing an introduction to archaeological research in historical cemeteries will be offered. This field school will be available every other year. Students will enroll in ARCH 3308 Historical Archaeology Field School. All fieldwork associated with this field school will be conducted in Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs. Some lecture and data analysis sessions will be held at Flinders University in the Archaeology Lab, Humanities Room 112. Enrolment Quota: 20 students Preference will be given to: Bachelor of Archaeology students Students who have not completed an archaeology field school topic Students who have completed the second level core topics ARCH 2106, ARCH 2107 and ARCH 2108 Students who have completed 18 units of second level ARCH topics
Keywords: archaeology
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