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Field School Announcement
Australia: Archaeological Field Methods - September 2014
Sponsor: Archaeology Department, Flinders University
Contact Information
Dr Mick Morrison
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide SA 5001 Australia
Phone: +61 8 8201 5906
This topic provides students with an introduction to a range of basic archaeological surveying field techniques employed in a variety of archaeological contexts; these techniques are widely used throughout Australia and similar to those used internationally. The topic aims to bridge the gap between 'formal' archaeology lectures and 'hands on' archaeology and hence is focused around practical, skills-based exercises. This topic provides preparation for more advanced practicals taught in some of the second and third year archaeology topics (in particular it is required that students complete this topic before undertaking any of the upper level archaeology field schools). This topic is a core topic for all students enrolled in the Bachelor of Archaeology.
Keywords: archaeology
This announcement will be displayed until: 09/29/2014
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