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  • Policy Briefs: A New Public Policy Resource

    The AAA Committee on Public Policy of is proud to introduce a new informational resource for the public policy community: the AAA Policy Brief. AAA Policy Briefs address policy issues and initiatives from an anthropological perspective, examining the insights that contemporary anthropological research contributes to policy discourse. These theme-focused briefs do not take a position on public policy issues. Instead, they introduce the reader to anthropological knowledge that is necessary for making fully-informed policy decisions.

    View Policy Brief #1, which addresses a labor policy issue, specifically the right of employees to organize unions as outlined by the Employee Free Choice Act (H.R. 800, S. 1041). If you are interested in contributing to a future Policy Brief or in suggesting a future topic, please contact Dinah Winnick of the AAA Department of External International & Government Relations at dwinnick@aaanet.org or (703) 528-1902.

  • AAA Signs on to Amicus Brief in Evolution Disclaimer Case (pdf)

    The AAA has joined 55 other professional scientific organizations in signing on to an amicus brief initiated by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) and submitted to the U.S. Court of Appeals/11th District in the case of Cobb County School District, et.al. v. Selman, et.al.  The brief addresses the question of whether there is any pedagogical or scientific merit to the Cobb County School District's requirement that biology textbooks should carry a disclaimer that singles out evolution as a theory.  The disclaimers were ruled unconstitutional earlier this year and the Cobb County School District has appealed the decision.  The AAA was invited by the NCSE to join the brief in May 2005.  The AAA's decision to sign on to the brief is predicated on the consistency between the principal points raised in the brief and existing AAA policy on this issue, embodied in the Association's Statement on Evolution.

  • AAA Comments on Revised World Bank Policy on Indigenous Peoples

  • On February 28, the AAA submitted a statement in response to a December 2004 World Bank request for public comment on its Revised Draft Operational Policy on Indigenous People.  Given the issue’s longstanding significance to the anthropology community, the AAA viewed the Bank’s request as an opportunity to weigh in on a revised policy formulation, one that the Bank acknowledges to be six years in the making and the outcome of numerous consultations with indigenous leaders and organizations.  The AAA response was drafted by the AAA Commission on the Status of Indigenous Peoples in South America, principally by the Commission Chair, Anthony Oliver-Smith.

  • Support Area and International Studies

  • Help Protect Iraq's Cultural Heritage

  • AAA President's Statement on Looting

  • AAA Supports the National Geographic Society in Case Involving Public Access and Copyrights (pdf file)


    Research Agenda was developed by scientists participating in NIH conference and workshop in June 2000.  AAA and anthropologists contributed to this effort.

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